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iFIT patient record tracking 

All staff who track or request patient records must complete basic iFIT training.

Northern Devon Healthcare are implementing iFIT on 6th March. This is a new tool for tracking and requesting patient records. iFIT will record the movement of records through our site more effectively. 

Training is available online via STAR – just search for “iFIT iRECORD” under the prospectus. The training takes around 20 minutes and provides everything you need to track and request patient records using iFIT

Once you have completed training, you can use iFIT PLAY to practice. You’ll find the iFIT icon on the web links section of your ZenWorks window. One click and you’ll be in and can begin practicing. You’ll need some dummy patient details, which you can find on the iFIT patient records tracking page on BOB.

The benefits of iFIT:

Introducing iFIT should help us all to be more efficient and improve patient care and experience through reducing appointment cancellations when notes cannot be found. The benefits include:

• Quick and user friendly
• Easier ways of tracking, pulling, re-filing, clinic preparation and auditing medical records
• Provides a full audit trail and reporting of activity for information governance compliance, patient safety and car
• Will help us to maximise our records library and storage space utilisation
• Reduce time looking for missing medical records

Drop in sessions and extra training materials will be provided to support you before iFIT goes live.

If you have any questions, please visit the iFIT patient records tracking page on BOB or email

There are currently no events or training to show.